AppSanta apps discounts

AppSanta apps discounts
Once again a group of developers joined forces and collectively launched, a showcases of great applications for iOS and MacOS with up to 80% of discount on their usual price.

From their list, I can personally recommend the following:

  • Tweetbot for Mac – this is my favorite Twitter client for iPhone and iPad… and it is also excellent on the Mac! The ability to sync the status across all three devices is fabulous
  • Deliveries – with online purchases now becoming an everyday thing, this app has helped me visualize all my in-transit packages to see when I will receive them
  • PCalc – I find the default calculator on the iPhone lacking… and since the iPad does not come with one, PCalc has filled both roles on my devices.

AppSanta apps discounts end on December 26, so you have 2 more days to get these great deals!

Disney Parks stops selling toy guns

Disney is discontinuing the sales of toy guns of any kind at the theme parks, including bubble guns and Buzz Lightyear toy blasters. All of the gun merchandise is being pulled off the shelves and guests are encouraged to leave their own toy guns at home or not being allowed to gain entry to the park. Light-sabers and swords are still for sale as of right now. No word if they will be pulled later. – (via Chip and Co.)

I understand why Disney is doing it… but seeing the smile on my girls when they were playing with their bubble blasters in Magic Kingdom, AND the smiles of the people passing makes me think that this was maybe too much…

Alexa and Elisa with Disney bubble blaster
My daughters with their toy bubble blaster

iOS 9.1 shuts down Pangu Jailbreak

Apple has closed two of the exploits used by the Chinese hacking team Pangu, whose untethered jailbreak allowed users to jailbreak nearly all iPhone, iPad and iPod touch devices running iOS versions 9.0 through 9.0.2. – (via TechCruch)

The eternal game of the cat and the mouse… The great thing about these teams looking for a Jailbreak is that they are pushing Apple into solving issues deep inside the OS code. Increased safety and stability for everyone at the end.